Custom Fit State Training

Custom Fit Training provides flexible and customized training to businesses in Davis and Morgan counties. This unique program offers the benefit of state-of-the-art training and development, customized to meet specific business needs, at an affordable cost. The Utah Legislature allocates Custom Fit funds each year to encourage companies to pursue training that will maintain and grow Utah's businesses and economy.

What does Custom Fit have to offer your company?

Our goal is to assist your company in building and maintaining a superior workforce to strengthen your organization’s competitive edge. Qualifying is easy! If your company is for-profit and is located in Davis or Morgan counties, schedule an appointment today or fill out the assessment form below to establish your Custom Fit plan.

Pre-approval is required for all training and can include instructor and registration fees as well as books and materials.

Custom Fit Assessment Form

Custom Fit Training Request

Employer and Continuing Education Representatives contact information:

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Ginger Chinn
Director of Employer Development & Continuing Education

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Jean Fowler

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Carrie Baker

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