Academic Development


Students who do not pass their entrance exam with the required proficiency will be referred to skill development classes. Taught by DATC faculty, these classes provide students with the basic math, reading, language, spelling, grammar, and student skills required by their programs. Students can also enroll in order to improve their current academic skills. Offered as a blended course.


Classes are taught by DATC faculty to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in their program as well as obtain and maintain employment. Courses include:


Students learn the skills necessary to prepare for a successful employment search, including completing job applications, resumes, cover letters, successful interviews, and followup procedures. Offered as a blended course.


Students learn math through a combination of individual one-on-one instruction and online training. Math I consists of basic consumer math skills and Math II and III are algebra courses. Students may submit College transcripts to Weber State University for Math 950, 990, and 1010 to satisfy these course requirements.


Students develop workplace skills including writing, speaking, listening, teamwork, diversity, personal ethics, conflict management, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. Offered as a blended course.

CORE COURSES (0 Hours Required)

Course Number Course Title Hours
BTEC 1110 Computer Literacy 90
MATH 0950 Math II / Level I 60
MATH 0960 Math II / Level II 120
MATH 1000 Math I 60
MATH 1010 Math III 120
WKSK 1400B Workplace Relations-Blended 60
WKSK 1500B Job Seeking Skills-Blended 30